Thursday, April 3, 2014


When I first got engaged and started flipping through magazines for inspiration (yep, those were the pre-Pinterest days), I instantly knew I wanted needed a Monique Lhuillier gown, and I became obsessed. 

I didn't like any gown that was not designed by her and I just had no idea how I would be able to afford it. 

Well, I ended up finding a Monique sample dress, meaning that it was on display at the store, so it wasn't brand spanking new,  but it was never worn, was in excellent condition, and I scooped it up within 30 minutes - it was actually the first dress I tried on!

<---- There I am wearing it on my wedding day back in May 2009.  

Photo by Zev Greenfield

So, if you are interested in a designer dress for your wedding but don't have the funds to back up your good taste, purchasing a sample dress could be a great option for you.

And if you're in NYC, you're in luck, because the lovely ladies at Forever Amour Bridal are hosting a sample sale now through Sunday. They have a great selection of designer dresses at discounted prices, and for this special sale, the prices start at only $699.

Make an appointment and get ready to feel right at home at their intimate boutique - it's the perfect setting to find the perfect dress. Mention "Ruffles & Tweed" when you make your appointment and then let me know how it goes! Details are below.