Monday, March 28, 2011


You know those "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters that you see all over the place lately? (check it out below) Well, they were produced in 1939 by the British government in order to raise the morale of the public during the Second World War, and starting in about 2000, this poster re-surfaced and has been used by various companies for a range of purposes.

Image found via Wikipedia

Just recently, the very lovely Jacin of Lovely Little Details (formerly She Said Yes) decided to create her own version of it and has since been customizing it for a bunch of her adoring fans - me included! Jacin is one of the most inspiring people I know - even though I only know her virtually - and is definitely one to watch. Her bio is amazing and impressive, so you should definitely check it out, but besides blogging, and actually taking the time to comment on other blogs, as well as starting her own event planning and design company, she also founded Jars of Love - a non-profit organization that helps raise money by selling jars of pretzelies, sea salt, homemade jam, and homemade pickles for those affected by terminal illnesses. I told you she was inspiring!

So, for only $10, which of course she is donating to the devastation in Japan (or a charity of your choice), Jacin will customize a "Keep Calm" poster PDF just for you. All you need to do is send your preferred branding colors and slogan, along with an Illustrator file of your logo (if you wish to include it) to Jacin through her Etsy shop.

Check out mine below - definitely the best $10 I've ever spent! What would your poster say?


  1. yay!!!! looks so pretty :) Thanks for the shoutout!!

  2. YAY! Of course - you deserve it! And thanks for the Twitter love!!