Friday, August 19, 2011


I absolutely love the idea of finding your wedding inspiration right in your own home, and that's why I've started this series "From Room to Wedding" - I find a picture of a room that I love and then search for wedding details that fit into the overall look and feel. If you are struggling with color choices and all the other design details that go into your big day, take a look around you and get inspired by your favorite from in your house.

I found this room while browsing through Amanda Nisbet's design collections and I instantly fell in love. It's a little bit modern and a little bit traditional, and the color palette is relaxing and energizing all at the same time. Keep reading to see what a wedding inspired by this room could look like.

Image found via Amanda Nisbet Design

This tabletop design works so perfectly at mirroring the peach, white, and gold shades found in the room and the white vase gives a nod to the more modern white furniture, like the table and owl statue. The simple and neutral cake is made from Swiss meringue buttercream icing, and the groom's mustard and white striped tie complements the patterned drapes, while his taupe suit is almost a perfect match to the sofa, both in color and texture.

The clean lines of the bride's gown, especially the raised diagonal stripes (which are difficult to see in this image) remind me of the fireplace structure. The escort cards are simple ivory stock cards, but are attached to an old iron gate that picks up the two-tone coloring in the room's shelving and coffee tables. The teal shoes, fans, and bridesmaid dress add that pop of color, while the coral wrap takes its cue from the cashmere throw.

I hope you enjoy this series and that it inspires you to think of your wedding design in a whole new way. To check out my first 2 room/wedding designs, click here.


  1. such great inspiration! hope you're doing well :)

  2. preeeettyyyy! love the colors for both home & wedding decor!

  3. Absolutely love this inspiration from the gorgeous room! Beautiful!! xoxo

  4. thanks everyone - it's definitely a fun little exercise! :)

  5. isn't' it awesome that you can find inspiration anywhere.

  6. Gorgeous inspiration, with both the room turned wedding inspiration!