Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I'm dedicating this weeks' Tuesday Shoesday to my newborn baby girl, Addison, who is 8 days old today.  For someone who can't even walk yet, she already has quite the shoe collection, thanks to all of my very fashionable friends and family. 

But, my favorite pair has to be these Stuart Weitzman's from my Aunt Linda. Who even knew these existed? Well they do, and they are fabulous. They are camo AND full of sparkles - what more could a little girl need?

 Image by Adrienne O'Connor

I couldn't find this exact pair online, but buybuy Baby carries itzy bitzy Weitzman's, so check out out their collection here.

And for even more baby shoe inspiration, you have to check out this post by Lucinda Wesson on her blog, glitter, glue & fireflies.



  1. Wow Congratulations!!! These are so cute :)

  2. I wasn't sure if you had the baby yet...congrats! Those shoes are beyond adorable.

  3. SOOOOOO COOL! I just forwarded that to my friend :)

  4. Congratulations!!!! These would match the sunshades I bought my niece perfectly. Im so over the top she is only 6 months.