Saturday, December 15, 2012


I was thinking this week that I haven't been posting enough, and was getting excited about bringing back my "Friday's From Room to Wedding" feature and some new things I've been mustering up...and then something happened...something unimaginable...something so awful it makes you sick...makes your heart ache and your mind race...the world stops and you can't think can't imagine what the people involved are going through...can't imagine if it were to happen to you...and suddenly there was nothing important enough to post...

Then I came across a perfect little blog post by Lucinda Wesson of Chocolate Creative Design on her blog glitter, glue & fireflies. It says everything I've been thinking, feeling, trying to put into words. And, of course, it made me sob uncontrollably all over again. 

Here's an itty bitty sure to head on over to Lucinda's blog and read the full heartwarming post here.

My heart hurts...
for those children..
the adults..
the parents..
the 20 empty stockings hanging on all the 20 mantlepieces..

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  1. Lucinda does have a way with words. Thanks for posting this Lucinda.