Monday, December 5, 2011


I was lucky enough to have lunch at Esprit Events last week with Tali Katz, their warm, friendly, and knowledgeable Catering & Events Sales Manager. Tali and I first met at The Wedding Salon’s luxury bridal showcase last month, so we decided to meet up again to chat more about their catering services – their kitchens are strictly kosher – and their upscale and innovative cuisine and presentation.

When I arrived, I sat down to the most beautiful plate of “sushi” I’ve ever seen. Their sushi, called “Beyond Sushi” is not only kosher and completely safe for pregnant women, but also organic and vegetarian. 

Images supplied by Esprit Events

It’s made with a variety of organic fruits and vegetables wrapped with 6 grain or black grain rice and topped off with tofu based sauces. The sauces include Tofu Miso, Carrot Ginger, Chili Mango, Jalapeno Wasabi, Teriyaki Shitake, and Toasted Cayenne – yum. I’m salivating over here just thinking about how yummy it was. And Tali is so sweet that she offered to deliver some to me whenever I crave it – I might just take her up on that! 

Be sure to contact Esprit Events for your wedding or your next social event – you will not be disappointed. They develop customized menus based on your specific needs, they pay attention to the details, and they make sure that you are beyond thrilled with the results.

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