Friday, December 9, 2011


I have the pleasure of being a part of TWIPS (Twitter Wedding Inspirational Pals), which is an online community made up of wedding industry folks who support, promote, and inspire each other. It has truly been a pleasure getting to “virtually” know all of these amazing people, and to make it even better, 23 of us are banding together to create “One Day in December”, an idea dreamed up by Orly of Intimate Wedding Photography

It’s all about creating days of inspiration for all of you to enjoy as we look back and reflect on 2011. I’m so excited to be a part of it, and it all starts today with Shannon of Shannon Kelley Photography. I hope you enjoy it as much as we will. The schedule is below so be sure to check back to this list each day so that you don’t miss a single minute.

Logo designed by Cris of Kiss My Tulle

12/9: Shannon {Shannon Kelly Photography}
12/10: Cris {Kiss my Tulle}
2/11: Layla {Simply Savannah Events}
12/12: Amanda {Bacidesigner}
12/13: Allie {Honey Bee Invites}
12/14: Jen {Blush Printables}
12/15: Colleen {Soundtrack to Ido}
12/16: Shaffone {Making your Event Special}
12/17: Wendy {Wendy Ramos Photography}
12/18: Louise {Bijoux Bride}
12/19: Chandra {Oh Lovely Day}
12/20: Emma {Aphrodites Weddings}
12/21: Lisshan {Wrapped Couture}
12/22: Ilse {Secret Jewel}
12/23: Jessica {Two Wedding Belles}
12/24: Krissy {Make Believen}
12/25: Alicia {The Charity Wedding}
12/26: Orly {Intimate Wedding Photography}
12/27: Adrienne {Ruffles & Tweed}
12/28: Sandra {The White Library}
12/29: Tara {Cut the Cake Designs}
12/30: Laura {Laura Lavender}
12/31: Kewain {NolaBelles Soirees}